About SaltaSustainable

At Salta our emphasis is on encouraging top-class business practices – efficient, well-run, more sustainable organisations, with a healthy bottom line, excellent stakeholder relationships and a more positive impact on the world generally.

We know from experience and empirical evidence that running a more sustainable business brings not just environmental and people benefits, but also commercial ones. These include resource efficiencies and cost savings; increased sales; enhanced reputation; ability to attract financial investment; staff recruitment and retention; legal compliance and avoidance of scandal. This is why we believe in the three ‘e’s of the triple bottom line – environment, economics and ethics – equally.


Many empirical studies show that companies taking the lead on environmental and social governance performance also significantly outperform their peers financially (e.g. Goldman Sachs 2007, A T Kearney 2009). 

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SaltaSustainable is a trading name of Fair Trade First Ltd, registered in England & Wales at Companies House, Cardiff, Company No. 5474372. Registered office & postal address: 4 Norfolk Terrace, Leeds, LS7 4QW, UK.
E: info@saltasustainable.co.uk; W: www.saltasustainable.co.uk; T: +44 (0)7886 588849.